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Resigning this life for another

28 Oct

As it happens so often with my world, it has been busy. Too busy to do the things I enjoy, including this blog. But, a recent resignation letter from one of my (now former) staff members has me thinking that perhaps I have spent too much time on the creative efforts of others while keeping mine second, or third, or last.

A talented photographer resigned from our humble establishment, siting lack of creative freedom. She has since found happiness in a tropical paradise and has decided that our quaint Nebraska get-up is no longer fueling her artistic juices.

Commercial portraiture is a hard leap for any fine artist. Someone who has spent years in school learning how to compose and create finds themselves suddenly working for another’s vision of cookie-cutter perfection. While I appreciate my employer’s endeavors, and thoroughly, honestly, enjoy what I do, I can see myself in my (former) staff member’s bullet points. I don’t write as much as I used it. I hardly photograph anything that isn’t a cute bundle of joy. And I spend more time making sure others adhere to protocol, rather than encouraging their inherit artistic nature.

We are photographers. Creating something unique is what we do! Looking at something from a different angle or in a unique light, then showcasing our “ah-ha’s” is the very definition of what we crave.

At first, I was angry that one of my best photographers suddenly left. Then, I was jealous because I would love to run off to a tropical island! Now, I am at a place where I understand where she is coming from, and am jealous, not because she is sipping Mai Tais while digging her toes into the sand, but because she found a way to keep herself from drowning. While I think my job is completely fantastic, I need to learn to say “no,” and turn off my phone while I am not at work – and to get back into my studio.

Sorry, I do not have photos to showoff today. Only introspection.

Happy Halloween!