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Omaha Fashion Week: Homegrown edition

24 Apr

Omaha’s fashionistas spent this week, patiently waiting for the list of designers scheduled to make their way through our fair city this August.

OMW article.

And while the designers thread needles and anxiously pump sewing machines, all in the name of fashion perfection, some of us will have our cameras ready. What’s better than an impossibly skinny young female in couture? Capturing a glimpse of her strut on film (digital or not), of course!

Break out your Marks!

The team at Hooton Images have done just that. Omaha photographers, offering a wide profile of fashion, wedding and boudoir portraits have decided to “class-up,” our otherwise rustic, Midwestern town.






Be sure to check-out their blog and facebook– full of many beautiful portraits!




21 Apr

Horses are a big part of my life, as is photography. Both started out as hobbies and are now optimistic career moves.

Yesterday, Omaha kicked off the first day of the International – a showjumping event put on by RFDTV. Omaha’s showjumping scene is rather relaxed, so much so that frustrated parents often make their children formally dress for the local schooling shows. Hey, gotta get some use out of that expensive coat before they outgrow it, right? I am grateful to RFDTV and the numerous sponsors for bringing such an event to my hometown. Hopefully, more will follow. Hopefully, schooling shows will return to polos and chaps. Leave the braiding and coats for the rated shows!

While I am still living my inspired high, here are some equestrian-driven photographs to spark your fancy!

Andrea Massari

Alexa Singer

Anna Malmberg

Wick Beavers

And for the conceptually creative,

Ulrika Kestere