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Celebrating the Chinese New Year with Chen Man’s work.

31 Jan

I was hoping to get some stable time in today, and celebrate The Year of the Horse, well, on MY horse. Alas, between the weather and a sick boy, I am going to have to wait another day.

I decided to spend the day celebrating Chen Man‘s contribution to the visual world.



Arguably, China’s leading fashion photographer, Chen has quickly become one of the world’s leading artists, with more editorials and exhibitions than I can list!

An interview worth reading.

Or this one.

I honestly cannot stop reading nor looking at her work!


This image, for example, is a marvelous example of Chen’s mastery of combining traditional and modern themes, as well as Eastern and Western cultures. The line composed by the red give way to a conceptual growth and societal change throughout traditional China. The model is dressed modernly, yet acting in respect to her country’s flag (illustrative symbolism).



While browsing her works, I am impressed at how effortlessly Chen Man is able to switch styles.






If you are not able to spend the Chinese New Year with your favorite equine, then I suggest doing so with China’s favorite visual artist and fashion photographer!



I’ll be gone till November… or April

17 Apr

I bet you didn’t think you would hear from me again. And it isn’t that I haven’t thought about you, nor even sat down to write to you.

I’ve been side tracked by things, though exciting, not artistic in nature.

When I think of a more graceful apology, I will deliver. Until then, I will keep it simple: I’m sorry.

In the meantime, I have something spectacular to share!

Herb Ritts:

Using sculpture-like portraiture, Ritts designed a relationship between the defined body form and sensuality.


LA Style








The Quiet Front