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Then, he said “Ello.” First Impressions.

16 Nov

I’ve stumbled upon Ello, the anti-facebook, as it declares itself. As I am only within my first hour or so of exploration, my interpretation is vague, at best. And, as I try to amp my profile (you know, to be the cool new kid which I am definitely not), I find myself revisiting forgotten pages, such as this blog. Perhaps ‘forgotten’ isn’t as accurate as neglected.

“About me?” Nothing comes to mind. I am a blank space, but not in the Taylor Swift sorta-crazy. How does one create a first impression without ever actually seeing another – hearing the sound of their voice – if they have muddy shoes or need deodorant? Perhaps, I forgot the “cool kids” day at school (wait, wasn’t that every day?) where everyone learned how to hold the interest of another.

What did you write in the “about me” section of your latest social media addition?

Share. Add. Invite. Follow. Connect. Read. Write. Don’t spam.

Can you be summed -up by you social media? What did you learn from mine? Tell me about me. And I shall return the favor and tell you about you.

My new Ello
My Instagram

My Twitter

My G+

I’m sure I am forgetting something….


Now, I am off to locate my latest zombie walk photos. I seriously have no idea where I uploaded those! Yes, it has gone that far.