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I don’t even like potato salad: Kickstarter

25 Jul

Like many, I didn’t learn aboutĀ Kickstarter until Potato Salad Gate. I was doing the late night driving from Little Rock back home when I heard a story of a man, upset with Kickstarter users for backing something as trivial as potato salad rather than his idea for a documentary about bipolar disorder. Potato salad vs mental illness? Of course, I had to look (and you should too, if you haven’t).

What I found was simply amazing: a plethora of artists and crafty-types coming together with a common goal – to ask for funding to make their dreams a reality. being a photographer and lover of all things fine arts, I took to the photo projects.

Here is a short list of my favorite Kickstarter Photography Projects:

The Highway 101 Project, by Desslok (aka: Tony Case).

– A film photographer, using slide film, traveling the roads between Seattle and LA, bringing the likes of wonder (and wander) into a photo book.


Death Valley Footprints

– Death Valley Footprints, Tony Case

One Mahogany Left Standing – the Maya Lacandon, by Carol Yarrow.

ThisĀ  stunning photographic series sets out to document the changes surrounding the Maya Lacandon, of Chiapas, Mexico.

Boy with Bird

– Boy with Bird, Carol Yarrow.

Life on the Dole: Documentary Photography Photobook, by Fleur Donnelly-Jackson

The UK-based photographer hopes to produce his first documentary photography book to show the underside of what it is like to claim benefits and to live on them. With such a division class, globally, this projects has the makings of something both informative and thought-provoking. Good Luck, Fleur!

There are many, many other projects on Kickstarter, just waiting to be discovered. You can even help Jon Stewart buy CNN!

Hey, who knows, you may find me on there one day too ;).