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I don’t even like potato salad: Kickstarter

25 Jul

Like many, I didn’t learn about Kickstarter until Potato Salad Gate. I was doing the late night driving from Little Rock back home when I heard a story of a man, upset with Kickstarter users for backing something as trivial as potato salad rather than his idea for a documentary about bipolar disorder. Potato salad vs mental illness? Of course, I had to look (and you should too, if you haven’t).

What I found was simply amazing: a plethora of artists and crafty-types coming together with a common goal – to ask for funding to make their dreams a reality. being a photographer and lover of all things fine arts, I took to the photo projects.

Here is a short list of my favorite Kickstarter Photography Projects:

The Highway 101 Project, by Desslok (aka: Tony Case).

– A film photographer, using slide film, traveling the roads between Seattle and LA, bringing the likes of wonder (and wander) into a photo book.


Death Valley Footprints

– Death Valley Footprints, Tony Case

One Mahogany Left Standing – the Maya Lacandon, by Carol Yarrow.

This  stunning photographic series sets out to document the changes surrounding the Maya Lacandon, of Chiapas, Mexico.

Boy with Bird

– Boy with Bird, Carol Yarrow.

Life on the Dole: Documentary Photography Photobook, by Fleur Donnelly-Jackson

The UK-based photographer hopes to produce his first documentary photography book to show the underside of what it is like to claim benefits and to live on them. With such a division class, globally, this projects has the makings of something both informative and thought-provoking. Good Luck, Fleur!

There are many, many other projects on Kickstarter, just waiting to be discovered. You can even help Jon Stewart buy CNN!

Hey, who knows, you may find me on there one day too ;).


31 photos over 31 yrs, because I am now 31yro

2 Jun

I turned 31yro on June 1st. To celebrate, I found 31 images, spanning 31 years, to share.



Daytona Beach, 1982. Paul McDonough


Duke University Alumi website. 1983


Image from 1984 Olympics.


Jessie at 5, 1985. Sally Mann. One of my favorite photographers, btw.


Niagara Falls, 1986. Barbara Bosworth.


France, 1987.

7 self portrait 1988 - Matt Weber - weber-street-photographydotcom

Self-portrait, 1988. Matt Weber.

8 mary-ellen-mark-street-photography-jennifer-tiffany-and-carrieportsmouth-ohio-1989

Jennifer, Tiffany and Carrie, Portsmouth, Ohio. 1989. Mary Ellen Mark

9 Yoga studio photography 1990 -  Gilles Larrain

Yoga Studio. Gilles Larrain. 1990.

10 Dancing Saturday night at Margarets Blue Diamond Club Clarkson MS 1991 - Ken Light - yellowworlddotorg

Dancing Saturday Night at Margaret’s Blue Diamond Club, Clarkson, MS, 1991. Ken Light.

11 Vinlan 1992 Immediate Family - Sally Mann

Vinlan, From Immediate Family, 1992. Sally Mann

12 Still Life no 298 1993 - Kenro Izu

Still life #298, 1993. Kenro Izu

13 Chanel-Feather-Headdress-B-New-York-1994-Copyright-by-the-Irving-Penn-Foundation-e1355143562347

Chanel Feather Headdress, New York, 1994. Irving Penn

14 Night Walk Los Angeles No 28 1995 - Henry Wessel - artblartdotcom

Night Walk, Los Angeles, #28, 1995. Henry Wessel.

15 Matsudas Naked in New York 1996 - Nan Goldin

Matsudas, Naked in New York. 1996. Nan Goldin.

16 Untitled  Nude I Miami 1997 - Herb Ritts

Untitled Nude, Miami, 1997. Herb Ritts.

17 Near Vicksburg 1998 - Sally Mann

Near Vicksburg, 1998. Sally Mann.

18 Sailboats III 1999 Lothar Osterburg

Sail Boats III, 1999. Lothar Ostenburg.

19 Hurry to Home 2000 Kushal Gangopadhyay

Hurry Home, 2000. Kushal Gangopadhyay

20 Two Trees 2001 Rocky Schenck

Two Trees, 2001. Rocky Schenck.

21 The-Pool-Side-StoryPOP-Autumn_Winter-2002-03Ph-Mert-Alas-Marcus-PiggottModel-Angela-Lindvall

Pool Side Story, 2002. Mert Atlas and Marcus Piggott.

22 Apple store North Michigan Ave Chicago 2003 Almond Dhukka

Apple Store, North Michigan Ave, Chicago, 2003. Almond Dhukka.

23 Bare Necessities Vogue US 2004 - Irving Penn

Bare Necessities, for Vogue US, 2004. Irving Penn.

24 Enriques Journey 2005 Don Bartletti

Enrique’s Journey, 2005. Don Bartletti.

25 Light Series 2006 Waheeda Malullah

Light Series, 2006. Waheeda Malullah

26 Low Tide Cumberland Lisland Georgia 2007 Jack Spencer

Low Tide, Cumberland Island, Georgia, 2007. Jack Spencer.

27 Zambia February 2008 Annie Griffiths Belt

Zambia, Feb. 2008. Annie Griffiths Belt.

28 Diglossia No 8 2009 - Eugenia Raskopoulos

Diglossia #8, 2009. Eugenia Raskopoulos.

29 Joyful 2010 Ario Wibisono

Joyful, 2010. Ario Wibisono.

30 I Drive 2011 Todd Hido

From I Drive, 2011. Todd Hido (Another favorite photographer of mine).

Storms 2 2012 Mitch Dobrowner

Storms, 2012. Mitch Dobrowner.


And just because I love giraffes (hey, it’s my damn birthday!):


South Africa, 2013. Frederick van Heerden

The Awesomeness of Ryan McGinley

28 May

I must apologize for my prolonged absence. In the blogosphere, two weeks is an eternity, no? Well, my computer is still collecting dust in the back of some geek’s office, patiently awaiting repair. My new job has taken over. And, to be honest, May means extra riding time! Hoot!

So, to welcome myself back to my blog, I bring you the awesome-awe of Ryan McGinley:






Egg Donors

12 May

Mother’s Day is this weekend. My kids have already come home from school with cute momentos that will forever remain in the “awe” section of my keepsakes.

I have not bad a stable, confident, consistent mother figure in my life. My mother, whom I refer to as the “egg donor” made it clear that she isn’t ready to face her past (ie, me). Stepmom 1 doesn’t deserve to be acknowledged. Stepmom 2 is actually normal, but did not take the roll of “stepmother” until after I had left home. My grandmothers, though loving women, were not able to take the role as lead female.

Therefore, I dedicate this Mother’s Day to Audrey Hepburn.

Some infamous photos and quotes….


“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”



“You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.”



“I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel.”



*Note: I’m having computer issues and am bringing this to you via iPad. Forgive the infamous mobile typos! Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Drained: The Thesis Debacle Continues

3 May

My thesis has turned into a melodrama, and not the kind I like. After spending ten months doing… something, I’m not even sure what, anymore… It occurred to some of my peers that 2+2 weren’t adding. Was it the writing? Was it the imagery? Kinda. Although both are well thought-out, they don’t seem to mesh well with one another.

Obviously, this is a problem. And, with just a few short weeks to go, it is a big problem. And my problem.

I tried to fake it. I tried to rewrite for my images, suggesting something more than what is. It felt forced and, predictably, read as forced. No, it read as shit. I can’t make a kitten a cougar and I cannot assign emotions to a square.

My options seem to be to either fight and argue like hell for my project as it stands, knowing that many opinions have already been formed. Or, take inspiration from the annoying kid on Glee and throw caution to the wind. No, grad school, I’m not going to write you a love song, because you asked for it.

Gag… I went there.

As anyone on a 5-hour Energy trip drowning in the cliched expectations of being an artist oozing in angst, I took to the Google machine. Enjoy exploring some other thesis studies!

Helen Maringer

Giselle Behrens

Kevin Yeo

The Vulnerability of Johan Odmann

26 Apr

Swedish fashion photographer, Johan Odmann, has been published in such magazines as Self Service, Big Magazine, Bon, Dazed & Confused, Exit, Jalouse and Spoon. Combining editorial fashion and documentary-like perspective, here Odmann creates photos engulfed in vulnerability.




21 Apr

Horses are a big part of my life, as is photography. Both started out as hobbies and are now optimistic career moves.

Yesterday, Omaha kicked off the first day of the International – a showjumping event put on by RFDTV. Omaha’s showjumping scene is rather relaxed, so much so that frustrated parents often make their children formally dress for the local schooling shows. Hey, gotta get some use out of that expensive coat before they outgrow it, right? I am grateful to RFDTV and the numerous sponsors for bringing such an event to my hometown. Hopefully, more will follow. Hopefully, schooling shows will return to polos and chaps. Leave the braiding and coats for the rated shows!

While I am still living my inspired high, here are some equestrian-driven photographs to spark your fancy!

Andrea Massari

Alexa Singer

Anna Malmberg

Wick Beavers

And for the conceptually creative,

Ulrika Kestere

The Portraitures of Elle Moss

19 Apr

Today, I share with you the carefree and charming portraits of Elle Moss. Moss’ blog offers a wide range of links to view past and present works, as well as information on how to purchase pieces. Her blog is entertaining as it follows the day-to-day activities of the artist.



Pinholes: Mark Tweedie

15 Apr

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is coming, April 29th. Time to start making yours. I will be using my digital pinhole cap for my 1ds, per usual.

While surfing through a multitude of pinholes, I came across the engaging work of UK photographer,  Mark Tweedie.

From Dream of Flight

From Trees.


If you have never made a pinhole, you should try it now.

The Controversial Work of Helmut Newton

13 Apr

Some chilling moments of ambiguity of Helmut Newton‘s world. The Berlin-born, Australian photographer made his name in the ’60’s and ’70’s Vogue. His interest in the the female form (in it’s natural, candid state), though elegant, was often viewed as offensive.



Catch an exhibition at Grand Palais, described as ““Provocative, sometimes shocking, Newton’s work tried to capture the beauty, eroticism, humor—and sometimes violence—that he sensed in the social interaction within the familiar worlds of fashion, luxury, money and power.” Available until June 2012.