Maybe If I Had Taken the Blue Pill

4 Jun

Over the past few months, I’ve spent my time trying to regain a little bit fiery passion. I had spent so much time caring about my former position that I had lost sight of the things that drove me. It has definitely been an uphill battle!

As with most of us, life seems to never follow the course we had hoped. It is sometimes stagnant, maybe gloomy. But taking time to discover or rediscover is essential to reestablishing the new course. While I still am a rocky path if there ever were one, I am still here – writing, photographing, riding…..

I made a last minute decision to enter a jurored exhibition. Since my current works haven’t had much direction, I pulled a few of my older pieces. Surprisingly enough, they were accepted, and now I receive the pleasure of writing about two (of five) of the individual pieces selected by the gallery.

I took a leap of faith in hopes to jump start my drive. I don’t like being so depressed and pessimistic! It is a temptation I must learn to resist.

If you are curious, check out Upstream People Gallery

#art #photography #gallery #exhibition #canon


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