Chicago: It was all a blur

28 Jul

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself on the L, headed downtown Chicago. I thought I would play around with a filter I had recently purchased – a hi-def for my wide angle.

Much to my surprise, quite the blur was created – and I am not speaking in reference to the whirlwind of people trying to cram themselves into the Taste (proudly, I was not one – though the family did convince me that I HAD TO try Pizano’s, which they were correct).



I actually enjoy the above. I feel like spectator, looking through old glass.




We also made a visit to Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, while staying with my aunt and uncle. Although this image strays away from my typical (in that I am not really keen on pretty garden scenes), there is something about this blurred greenland that I keep coming back to.





One Response to “Chicago: It was all a blur”

  1. Susie of homemakersjourney August 2, 2013 at 7:32 pm #

    I found you via CafeMom. I love buildings we also just went to a big city and recently took pictures of buildings! Its so much fun. Your pics look great girl!
    I am now a follower! I look forward to your visit at

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