The art of not caring, but really caring

19 Jun

We’ve all reached our limits. Some of us have been at that point more than once. Some of us have taken up residence and insist on being neurotically stressed about every thing all of the times.

I am crossing the threshold between caring and outwardly not caring. What I mean is that I do care, and will continue to. However, I am at the point of breakage where I feel that I am damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

One photographer who mastered the art of appearing to not care – the nonchalant approach – is also one of my favourites: Garry Winogrand.

List of some intriguing Winogrand quotes. Get inside the mind of ambivalent perfection.


World’s Fair, New York City. 1964. Garry Winogrand.

“No one moment is most important. Any moment can be something.”


From Animals. Garry Winogrand.

“You see something happening and you bang away at it. Either you get what you saw or you get something else–and whichever is better you print.”


Los Angeles. 1966. Garry Winogrand.

“The primary problem is to learn to be your own toughest critic. You have to pay attention to intelligent work, and to work at the same time. You see. I mean, you’ve got to bounce off better work. It’s matter of working.”


From the Estate of Garry Winogrand.

“Photos have no narrative content. They only describe light on surface.”


There you have it. A man who seemed to work tirelessly, leaving thousands upon thousands of photos behind, actually had a plan all along. Take comfort in this, my friends. I know I will.

“Great photography is always on the edge of failure.”


One Response to “The art of not caring, but really caring”

  1. B. Muse June 21, 2013 at 5:26 am #

    Brilliant photos

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