Drained: The Thesis Debacle Continues

3 May

My thesis has turned into a melodrama, and not the kind I like. After spending ten months doing… something, I’m not even sure what, anymore… It occurred to some of my peers that 2+2 weren’t adding. Was it the writing? Was it the imagery? Kinda. Although both are well thought-out, they don’t seem to mesh well with one another.

Obviously, this is a problem. And, with just a few short weeks to go, it is a big problem. And my problem.

I tried to fake it. I tried to rewrite for my images, suggesting something more than what is. It felt forced and, predictably, read as forced. No, it read as shit. I can’t make a kitten a cougar and I cannot assign emotions to a square.

My options seem to be to either fight and argue like hell for my project as it stands, knowing that many opinions have already been formed. Or, take inspiration from the annoying kid on Glee and throw caution to the wind. No, grad school, I’m not going to write you a love song, because you asked for it.

Gag… I went there.

As anyone on a 5-hour Energy trip drowning in the cliched expectations of being an artist oozing in angst, I took to the Google machine. Enjoy exploring some other thesis studies!

Helen Maringer

Giselle Behrens

Kevin Yeo


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