Is Consciousness Linear or Circular?

24 Feb

Lately, I have been immersed in one of my favorite subjects: quantum mechanics and quantum psychology. Perception of perception. It is a dark rabbit hole, though quite spectacular! After a long night meditating on various opinions concerning quantum psychology, I began to ask myself if our consciousness is circular or linear? Time is not linear. Our universe is not linear. The various particles that make up our universe are not linear. Are there are any natural occurring linear instances? Or is linear perception something concocted by man? I read one thesis that suggested that thought is helical in relation to DNA. ah, but aren’t the cells and nuclei circular?

Thoughts branch. We never go straight forward of backward. When we do back track, we do not back track to the exact location of the original thought. We go back far enough to adjust for a new result. The thought then branches into a new direction. Eventually, we circle back around to complete the origin of thought. Much like the universe (or a balloon), our thoughts expand outward.

If I haven’t completely inspired a new thought in you, then please go back and try again. If so, move forward and check out these intriguing images of physics on film.

Caleb Charland. 


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