two of theirs and one of mine

27 Nov

As I was trying to come up with a reasonable explanation for my long absence, my train of thought was disrupted by a loud “meeeaaaaahoooow” from the garage. As I peaked my head out the door to see what the devilish furballs were up to, I noticed the neighbor’s earless cat sliding under the cracked garage door. That flat eared demon is always looking for food! Is it wrong that I encouraged devil she-cat, Nola, to run after the startled feline? If it is wrong, I am guilty – and must say that my princess tiger kitty took off after the bandit in her usual fashion. Sometimes it is good to be the polydactyl!

Our holiday shopping is partly finished. Thanksgiving had some downs, but was mostly up. Was fortunate enough to spend some time with old friends in familiar territory and without a care in the world. IT has been busy, but good.

Now on to the photography picks! I know that’s why you’re here! I consider my life stories the extra gravy, but will indulge your taters now.

Richard Renaldi, particularly his Figure and Ground series, which is a prime example of American social landscapes – Smooth, straight landscape lines drawn out by the middle American portrait subject. To quote, “Renaldi’s work melds two classic photographic genres—portrait and straight landscape—into a single descriptive frame that speaks as much to a sense of the individuals before the lens as it does to the spaces they inhabit.” 

I stumbled upon Andrew Bush as part of a reading assignment for Portraiture (the class I am not so secretly wishing was over). I have been experimenting with a similar idea – photographing those in traffic – and am finding guidance in Bush’s experience. Vector Portraits is a series of portraits made, in motion, while traveling throughout the southwest. Communicating car window to car window.When you go to his SITE, and I know you will, be sure to pay attention to the captions. What strikes me is that they read more like an anthropological survey rather than of portrait subjects.
And one from the experimental senses….
I have been playing with image transfers, continuing my encaustic processing and am now working on a variety of ways to distress negatives. Here is my first attempt at distressing an old negative. Flatbed scanner.
Mother and child

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