The faceless self-portrait

30 Oct

Portraiture has not been a fun course for me.

However, as I spend this Saturday night revisiting the torturous reading material, I am gleefully pleased to share the following by Robert Weingarten.

“If you could do your self portrait, but you couldn’t photograph yourself, any member of your family or friends, and no pets, what would be the list of things that would metaphorically represent you?”

What symbols of your life would you capture and combine in an effort to represent yourself?

 Mikhail Baryshnikov, 2007
Colin Powell, 2008
Self-portrait, 2007
Of course, you should visit Weingarten’s SITE to see the rest. Also, if you enjoy landscapes as much as I do, be sure to stop there as well. Vibrant and intense colors make for an alluring photograph that makes you feel like you are, well, there. 
Palouse Pattern #24

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