I felt that this photographer was appropriate to showcase, considering my personal situation these days.

28 Oct

As usual, there are rising tensions between my family and the school concerning my middle son (who is a 15yro trapped in a 7yro’s body). Without going into my personal detail (it isn’t my thing), I will now introduce to you Mary Ellen Mark and Extraordinary Child.

Sigurjón with a captured bee, Öskjuhlíðarskóli, Reykjavik, Iceland 2005
Helgi, a punk rock fan in class at Öskjuhlíðarskóli, Reykjavik, Iceland 2005
Emil with snow on his eyelashes, Öskjuhlíðarskóli, Reykjavik, Iceland 2007
 Beinta at home with her brother Levi, who wears a Batman costume, Reykjavik, Iceland 2006

Extraordinary Child is a photographic documentary conducted by Mary Ellen Mark and her husband, Martin Bell that shows the daily lives of Icelandic children with physical and mental illnesses. The series addresses the growing number of Icelandic school mantra “without differentiation.”

“I’m just interested in people on the edges. I feel an affinity for people who haven’t had the best breaks in society. What I want to do more than anything is acknowledge their existence”. – Mark

Check out this: MORE


Mary Ellen Mark  personal page. Really. You should check it out.


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