It has been a month since we last spoke.

22 Oct

Who knew working, school, kids and horses would leave so little time for blogging?

Instead of filling your monitor with a month’s worth of mind-numbing chaos, I will just give you a break down of things I have done, enjoyed and have found stimulating.

Some photos from me:

First, I went to to Occupy Omaha last week. I was surprised to see that the crowd consisted of normal people – not your average greasey-haired, clueless college student. Not at all. Normal, middle-America!

Facebook tells me that, by clicking on this link that you should be able to see the remainder of the photos (regardless of my privacy settings, which is a concerning blog post in itself).

If you’re interested in more information on Occupy Omaha, check out….

And my personal favorite, my father’s Examiner article

From here, I am going to share one of my pinholes from my Experimental course:

I was just getting used to the pinholes and then we switched to Cyanotypes. Those are to come. I still have gotten the chemistry part of that mess worked out yet!

Omaha’s 2011 Zombie Walk:

Again, Facebook says that you can go HERE to see the rest of my zombie photos.

Now for the eye food:

Paul Close: Snakebox Odyssey, What Africans Really Want.Close traveled to various regions of the African continent by motorcycle, asking what it is Africans really want. The idea is to bring a realistic view of the desires of others rather than projecting what it is we (the others) think they want.
More from Close

And now, children, I leave you. My husband is requesting that I spend an evening watching Transporter with him. Perhaps I ought to breakout the wine and cookies for this one!


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