The Horse Entry

10 Aug

I have to leave my horses for a couple of weeks. They will be watched over and cared for, but I will not be around to tend to my hoofed-babies.

I sold Cali yesterday. It is something I had been toying with for awhile. With everything going on, it was not realistic to keep three. He went to a good home. It is strange to walk out to my field and only see Stella and TC. As the trailer pulled away, with Cali securely loaded, both Stella and TC began to cry. TC actually chased after the trailer! The husband didn’t understand this because, after all, TC constantly picked on Cali. Cali was the omega, or low man on the totem pole. I explained to the husband that, although Cali was essentially TC’s doormat (and Stella’s faithful and loyal “lover,” haha), he was still a part of their herd. And now he is gone.

I hate leaving my horses. Even the most successful and professional equestrian wouldn’t be enough for me. These are MY horses… I take care of them! No one else. I know them… TC likes red peppermints. Stella has a special spot on her stomach to scratch. TC acts like he’s big and bad and pins his ears while eating, but he’s really just a giant kitten. Stella acts like she doesn’t like kisses, but she does ;).

It’s going to be hard.

In the name of equine appreciation, tonight I shall post some gorgeous horse photos for you to indulge!

Melanie Snowhite Photography

Lisa Dearing Photography

Bev Pettit Fine Art Equine Photography
Bev Pettit

I could do this all night…


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