You built it, yet they still haven’t come

21 Jul

I’m going to rant about my town now. So, if you do not care about small, rural Mississippi town happenings, you are dismissed. Nor do I blame you one bit.

Once upon a former mayor, my city thought it would be wise to build a sports complex. This complex consists of several baseball diamonds, soccer fields, bike paths and room for much more. Electronic gadgets hang throughout the stadium. It is a big freakin’ deal.

Or so they thought.

It turns out that the complex wasn’t the wisest of investments. It has hosted a handful of small and local events, such as fairs and sports camps. It has yet to prove that it was worth our tax dollars.

Out with Mayor Zachary Taylor. In with Mayor Whitney Rawlings. Rawlings seems like a sensible enough of a man. I tend to swing left in my voting, but I am open-minded and do listen to what other parties have to offer.

So, as Rawlings has been “cleaning house” and trying to get McComb back on track, he decides that we need to invest MORE into this flop of a sports park! But how? There aren’t jobs here. In fact, McComb’s unemployment rate for June 2011 is 11.4%, both higher than the state and national average. So, if no one is working, it wouldn’t make sense to increase the taxes of the few who have secured employment would it? Noooo… of course not. What we’re going to do is tax the hotels! Yes, let’s pass the burden on to local businesses and the people who actually do visit.

Now, before anyone gets their bouffants bunched, let me clarify that I am, in no way, against the sports complex. I believe that our town is in desperate need of tax dollars being spent elsewhere.

Let’s start with the roads. Who has NOT hit a pot hole while driving down Broadway lately? Those quick fixes of pouring asphalt and red dirt are pure crap. There is no other way to describe it. I drove by Cafe Dupree today and noticed that the manhole that is responsible for two flat tires on a single vehicle over the weekend is still missing. Pot hole and general street maintenance is lacking. Someone isn’t giving their city workers enough initiative….. hmmmm…

I’ll keep the rest of my list short: McComb public schools or bringing business into town (that isn’t yet another fast food/cash-for-titles/dollar store joint).

Yes, let’s take a town with abysmal public schools, no work and limited local business options AND BUILD A GIANT SPORTS COMPLEX! Makes perfect sense. Priorities do not seem to be well-thought out among the Rawlings inner circle.

“They prolly won’t finish high school and we sure can’t pervide dem with some place to work… but we gunna make dern sure dey can play ball!”

I wonder if that would fit on my car’s rear window???



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