It is my turn

16 Jul

Midterms for the summer have passed. Who ever decided it was wise to take a full load of grad studies in the summer obviously has more time than I! Holy Overwhelmed Batman! But I am knocking it down, one at a time. A lot of late nights fueled by RedBull and Miles Davis.

Mississippi is finally seeing some much-needed rain. Not that weather is a concern. It is HOT everywhere. Out of curiosity, or boredom – I’m not sure, I looked up my old North Dakota stomping grounds. 92Degrees in Grand Forks? Bat Crap! That’s nuts!

But not quite as crazy as this:

North Dakota May Not Be a State.

“State founders who drafted the constitution left out the key requirement that the governor and other top officials take an oath of office, putting the state constitution in conflict with the federal one. John Rolczynski: The Grand Forks, N.D., resident has been trying to tell his legislators that an error in the state’s founding document means that technically, North Dakota is not a state.”

Just think, all of those illegal North Dakotans, just walking freely through OUR streets! The audacity! 

Of course, I’m kidding. But it makes me wonder if this is why they have managed to maintain a recession-proof status. Hmmm…. 

Some visual stimulation: 

Ben Eden 

Ben Eden, A Sunday on Ipanema and Copacabana

Ben Eden, Chanukah ’98

Arno Rafael Minkkinen

The Man Inside the Woman • Self-portrait with Cristina • Val D’Orca, Tuscany, Italy

Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight, England

My weekend plans include this stop: 

Generation LA
July 9th- Sept. 18th

Fallow by Joli Livaudais Grisham

My turn. 

I have done quite a bit of road tripping this summer. Although this isn’t anything new for me, I have allowed myself to relax and enjoy the ride more than in years past. As a result, I have begun photographing gas stations. Yes, gas stations. If anything, it relaxes me after realizing the sky-high price per gallon that I am about to pump into my Dodge Charger. That’s right, photography fights heart disease. 

Then, a couple of odds that I happen to enjoy. 

(my son…. one of them, HA!)
Sometimes, my favorite images are the ones that were unintended. 


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