Two weeks of visual stimulation

26 Apr

Here is a quick breakdown of things and people I have found interesting over the past two weeks. Yes, you should also take a look at each one.

Andrew Tyson Photography: Join. As I see it, constructed social documentary asking why youth join the military.

“I wanted to blow stuff up!!” 
Aaron McElroy. Although Mcelroy’s work as a whole is alluring, I found Portfolio 5 the most fascinating. 
#9 of McElroy’s Portfolio 5
Ross Rawlings Photography. Another excellent site full of insightful works. 
Found under Untitled (Works in Progress) by Rawlings
Hin Chua recently had a feature in the NY Times via Lens, written by Kerri MacDonald: article
Direct link to Chua’s transitional landscapes, After the Falllink
Hin Chua
Antonia Zennaro’s Will to Fight, featuring young Danish, Muslim girls who use boxing as a way to break stereotypes. 
#9 of Zennaro’s Will to Fight series
Justin Partyka’s Field Work of East Anglia. 
Thanks to Les Boutographies for providing Partyka’s enticing photograph. 
Scott Fortino via Fortino’s plasticity of colors introduces the psychology of institutional places. 
Scott Fortino
New Orleans Photo Alliance is currently running an exhibition, Between the Faithful and the Forlorn. April 23rd- June 5th, 2011. Featuring Tim Best, Chip Chipman, Leslie Parr, Sandra Chen Weinstein and Ann George. 
Ann George, Chapter Two-Unearthed In Color

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