Funny things I saw today

29 Jan

My lovely 1DS decided that it no longer needs to record/write RAW. Eye rolling… Such a temperamental little thing! Of course, I called Canon, and they want me to send it in. Haven’t yet… waiting to get my syllabi next week to see if I can be without my main squeeze for a few weeks. Yes, I have the XTi, but I’m so used to my DS now that the XTi is foreign. It actually takes me a few minutes of tinkering with it to remember how to reset everything (my husband uses it now, and insists on shooting 100% auto pilot, so I have to switch it all around and then remember to switch it all back for him).

I’m afraid I’m going to replacing my first DS soon. One thing after another. And it is always a treat to hear the Canon rep say “Hmmm… We’ve never had a problem like this before.”
First- Sensor went out.
Second – stuck in tungsten
Third: Eating CFs
Fourth and current: Won’t write RAW

And yes, I know how to set it, thankyouverymuch.

I took my XTi and my Minolta out and about today. It has been awhile since I’ve shot film. I’m not even sure what roll is in there… or what else is on it… black and white? Color? 200? 400? I don’t know. It will be like opening a late Xmas gift when I get it back lol. I need to start putting a little post-it on my minolta back, saying what film and the dates.

Anyway… pic one was taken with my iPhone. I stopped for fuel and, while standing in line, saw this great advertisement in a mobile home sales booklet. Hmmm… Maybe I should put this caption under my house! Hey, if it’ll sell a trailer, why not a house!?

tell me this didn’t make LOL!
Second… and actual photo… courtesy of my XTi and my 70-300. No Hippies Allowed! 
Other news can be read here. I am no longer FB-free, but with good reason. 

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