Rachel, Dr. Seuss and monsters

18 Jan

First up, an most importantly for my family (some of who haven’t quite come to terms with my decision to take a break from Facebook yet), the boys have completed this year’s story board projects. M went with “The Monster Under My Bed.” B went with “Are You My Mother.”
If it has Dr Seuss stamped on the side of it, B will read it! Unfortunately, it is hard to decorate a Dr. Seuss poster board. Or at least we have had issues with it. M tends to pick books with more color, making it easier to fill the board.
The pics (iphone special because it was 7am and I didn’t want to dig mine out and find the right lens and blah. AND, B’s camera… I put the batteries in backward and now cannot get the door to open so that I can fix it):

And yes, they’re in uniform for school. Let’s side track here… aren’t one of the supposed benefits of uniforms that children are less occupied with what each other are wearing? I’m finding that that isn’t the case with mine. Their uniform shirt options are yellow, white or green. Mine REFUSE to wear green! We have tears on mornings when I lay out green shirts. They tell me that the kids who wear green get teased and that you’re not cool if you don’t wear white or yellow. Also, both of my boys are picky about their hair. B says that he will get laughed at if he has it standing up like M’s (who prefers to rock the little baby faux hawk or whatever it’s called). 7yro… and both are already preoccupied with the “right” uniform and the “right” hair style. What also baffles my mind about our school’s uniform policy is that the elementary and middle schoolers have to wear them, but not the high school. Hmmm… I remember being more concerned with Doc Martins and Abercrombie (Yes, I was a part of the fabled Class of 2000) at 16 then at 10… or 7yro…

And this leads us into my next topic.

The Rachel.

I just read a Yahoo article quoting Jennifer Aniston as saying that she disliked the Rachel hair style.
Here: Hater

How can she say such a thing? Sure, all decades have their “what was I thinking” fashion (frilly socks with heels, anyone?). But, for someone whose hair is partly what put her on the celeb map to begin with, to regret their own style?!?! Blasphemy!  My high school was full of Rachels. I wasn’t one… my mom disapproved of me having long any hair. While all of the pretty and popular girls were running around with their Aniston coifs, I had something more like….

Of course, you have to remember that I do not have the face for short hair, nor am I Winona Ryder… oh yeah, and I had terribly large glasses. The color also waived between Drew Berrymore’s brassy blond and Claire Dane’s fire engine red. I was a hot mess in a sea of Friends wannabes.

Oh look! There I am! Giant glasses… check! Zits… check! Blue was my “it” color… check! Ugly hair… check and a special thanks to my mom for chopping it off and to “Angela” for adding to my mother’s grays. 
So, Ms. Jennifer Aniston, who I dearly love and admire, do not be ashamed of your mid-90’s hair trends. If anyone should apologize for their 1995-7 trends, it should be me! 

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