Day 1 of life w/o facebook tocked away.

10 Jan

Day one without Facebook (etc) was unusually long. I want to blame it on my iphone app withdrawls, however I fear the indoor weather is more responsible. I have never claimed to be the outdoorsy type, however I like having that option. The horrible sleet falling across Mississippi stole that option. Without being able to “discuss” my cabin fever online, I could literally feel the ticking of the clock.

Bad weather means no satellite.

tick tick tick tick tick.

Children, bouncing off of the walls due to stored energy.

tick tick tick tick tick.

Finally, My darling husband decided that it was time to compile ideas for our upcoming Mardi Gras extravaganza. I don’t dress up for Halloween, as we have young boys and spend the night holding sacks of candy and sporting Mario costumes. During carnival, however, they get to spend time away from home, meaning I get to parade in the most obscene outfit that I can find to cover my arse.

After constructing my cheeky attire, I took to the texting wire to check on friends… and to find out what costumes they have planned. One noted that she wasn’t going to bother because she always ends up losing chunks of clothing on Mardi Gras. This is where I differ from my friends. I enjoy getting dressed up. I enjoy the crowds and the parties. However, I am not usually found on Bourbon Street and I don’t believe I have done any flashing since my first Fat Tuesday, nine years ago.

tick tick tick tick tick.

I wasn’t alone in my boredom. At one point, my husband made a comment that one of his classmates cannot tell time on an analog clock. They find the hands confusing.

I replied that telling time is overrated. I’m also sure I followed up my comment with a quick judgement on his classmate’s brain functioning.

Finally, my husband broke the silence by suggesting a movie – Eat Pray Love. I haven’t seen it, nor have I had the desire to read it, yet I was up for anything. And we watched. Personally, I thought the movie was typical of your average romantic, chick flicks. Woman is unhappy. Woman does crazy things to become happy. Woman meets attractive man but cannot let go of her inner demons and allow herself to be happy with said man. In the final moments, woman and attractive man kiss, leaving us to believe that it all ended happily.

Is it a must-see? No. You can get the same thing from watching an episode of Desperate Housewives and it would take less time.
Did I like it? Eh, I enjoyed the cultural aspects of woman’s travels. Overall, it was cute. Julia Roberts’ gorgeous smile is contagious.
Did I learn anything? No.
Will I watch it again? Probably not.

My husband, on the other hand, had a slightly more “guy” reaction to Julia Roberts’ flick. To understand my perplexity towards my husband’s reactions of Eat Pray Love, you have to first understand that my husband is the romantic one in our relationship. I often tease that he has more estrogen then me. He actually liked Titanic (I thought it was crap). He gets a warm, gooshy feeling watching City of Angels and sees rainbows and butterflies watching PS I Love You (I spent more time drooling over the eye candy in that one then I did the actual story line – doesn’t Hillary Swank make shoes, or something?). My husband is a woman, so I found it quite alarming when, after sitting through the flick, he declared, not only did he hate it, but that women are impossible to please! He went on to say that we (us of the vagina orientation) are never happy with what we have and find ways to make things difficult. We’re self-destructive and, in the process of destroying ourselves, we destroy everything around us… including good men.

Eyebrow raised… Hello left field. Meet crazy ball!

Wow!? Where did that come from?! I don’t recall fighting earlier in the day. It was HIS idea to watch the movie. I kept my comments about the ever-exquisite Javier Bardem to myself. I’m not planning on running away…. Nope, no surface reason for his outbursts! I left him to stew in his theatrical resentment, which he did… all night, in fact.

I can safely say that my husband’s review of Eat Pray Love is to collect every copy you can and to run them over repeatedly. Though, I cannot tell you why.


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