As the year ends, we carry on the timeless tradition of discussing resolutions, most of which we won’t keep.

30 Dec

In the past, I have set myself up with lists of resolutions. One year, I had eleven resolutions, including watching one foreign film a month and to finally frame the boys’ baby pictures.

Some I kept. Some I didn’t.


This year, I was thinking of going off of the social networking grid. No facebook. Not that I tweet much as it is, but add it to the list. Is it possible to cut something that I use daily out of my life? What about my family who I hardly see? They enjoy the pics of our kids that I post. And I can’t exactly call Denmark daily. Email. News. Forums. No facebook for twelve months.

I don’t play those annoying facebook games. But I do visit daily. I read the numerous articles Niki posts. The crazy pics Nicole posts. So on. I shouldn’t have a problem kicking the habit, then, should I? Ugh… yet, I have reservations. Is it even normal to have reservations about NOT participating in a website?

I also need to make a list of films to see. You know the ones… the ones when, after mentioning never having seen it, your husband goes “Oh my god! You’ve never seen ____?!”

I’ve never seen a Rocky flick.
Nor a Godfather.
Nor The Graduate.
And I cannot promise that I will watch those movies, but I will resolve to update my cinema horizons.

I will post my complete resolution list in the dawn on the new year. I will also blog each prolific encounter as I work my way through the list.

Happy New Year’s to all 🙂


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