The silent treatment leaves my brain storming.

8 Dec

After my many issues with my CF cards, I decided to completely reset my camera. I took out every single battery (even that annoying, hidden one buried deep inside), watched my crafty husband take my beloved camera apart, and respectfully called Canon, again.

So far, so good.

Ah, but I forgot to set the date and time, so my metadata has been reading 01-01.

Eh… nothing to sweat, right?


One of my prof’s said that he could not accept my assignment based on the date… that it wasn’t shot during the assignment period and, therefore, constituted as a form of cheating, warranting an academic dishonesty warning.

Of course, I went into rage mode, as I have never committed an academic dishonest offense in my life! Never… I cleared things up with him, or so I thought. He commented that I could not use any other images with the incorrect date. Ok. Then it occurred to me that a fair chunk of my final has been shot while on this incorrect date mode. You know, the “Project Red” final. Yes, that one. FINAL.

So I asked. What do I do with these images?

Here it is, the Wednesday before the Monday that my finals are due. I have yet to get a response.

Do I scrap the project and save it for my own project? Do I carry on?

As frustrated as I am with the lack of communication, I am very tempted to pull something magical out of my tricky hat. Rest assure, I work well under pressure. It will be awesome. I just need to figure out what I can conceivably do within the next 5/6 days.

As for my color red project, I believe I will save it for a later date. It a very in-depth project that has required quite a bit of research beyond the shutter. I almost feel silly doing it as a homework assignment.


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