My Darling Wife…

29 Nov

Side note: I haven’t updated my Flickr in a while. Yes, I added those three, lonely horse show images. I did so because I needed to send them off to the hosting stable. I cannot delay a request as easily as I can my own entertainment. But, now my entertaining side has been fulfilled and Flickr is, once again, updated. Because some of the images were several weeks old, I had to manually change the viewing order of my photostream. Basically, do not stop at the horse show images, thinking that that is it. There are new images after the ponies :).

Today seemed like a good day to pack up the family and go on a photo hike. We found ourselves out in the country, enjoying a quiet creek, a couple of random horses and each other’s company. As we drifted from one end of the county to the other, we came upon an abandoned house. It was the obvious abandoned – no questions about it! Weeds taller than most men. A missing front door. Holes in the floor (we didn’t dare try to climb the stairs and explore the second level). Rat feces in nearly every corner. Even the copper wire had been stolen from the electrical boxes! Yes, it has been awhile since someone inhabited this tiny home.

I had to explore.

While walking through the kitchen, my husband found an old tin – a Prince Albert In A Can tin. I had never seen one before haha! I always figured that that was just some childish telephone prank! My husband then decided to look around in the bathroom while I went into one of the back rooms. In that room, there was litters of paper, old books and magazines. Most of it had been ripped (or chewed by the rodents that assumed ownership). Old newspaper clippings detailing Communism in America. Old children’s books. And then, curiously, three old, broken trunks. I opened the trunks only to find stacks and stacks of letters. Of course they were all already opened, so I felt no guilt in taking a peak at the contents.

“My Darling Wife….”

Nearly each one started off the same.

They were love leaders from a husband to his wife. From what I gathered, he was in the Air Force during the 1950’s and, as he traveled the world solo, he wrote home to his wife and two children, sometimes sending gifts.

It is foreign and intriguing all at the same time. Someone’s entire life took place in that little home and now, nothing but some chewed up love letters remain. How could their children not want to save something to sentimental? There is a family history laying back in that rotting house, but do the living heirs of that family even know it? What would even be sadder is if they do in fact know that there are 1950’s garments sent from Japan sitting in a trunk at that house, yet they do not care.

The letters have inspired a potentially great project. However, one I will not be able to work on until the semester ends. More to come on this.

Photo from the kitchen view of the abandoned house…

Hmmm… My first image upload to this blog. It appears rather small on my end. I will have to figure that out. Anyway, this, and several others, are on my Flickr (link at the top!). 

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