And a Perfect Ten on the landing

27 Nov

The horse entry.

I’ve been working consistently with Stella since she arrived home from Tennessee. This week, I decided that I needed to finish this level of our course and prepare for something new. One more time around the course… Yep, that was the plan.

As we approached the first vertical of our triple… I found myself on my back, starring at the sky, and Stella at the other end of the jump, looking down at me like “Oh crap! That wasn’t supposed to happen!”

My mare… my lazy mare. My feet-dragging mare. My mare who rarely refuses a jump… EVER… refused, tossing me over her neck.

In the eight years that I have owned that mare, I have only fallen off twice. This was the only jumping related incident.


I don’t understand it! She is definitely lazy and, once she understands the course or sees that she doesn’t actually have to work, she will drag her feet over everything. *Eye Rolling* She prefers oxors because they have height and depth. She will barely clear an X. Go figure. But this… this laziness… this is what I am used to. I am not, however, used to her slamming on the breaks and tossing me over a jump.

I replayed it in my head a thousand times. I got deep into my corner. There are six strides between the corner and the fence. She was calm and cool as we approached. We completed the other obstacles on course without incident. The only thing I can think of is that maybe I was anticipating the triple too much and got too forward into my two-point, signaling her to jump sooner then she should’ve. She knew she wasn’t supposed to jump just yet, got confused, and slammed on the breaks.

After I had my panic attack on the ground, I got back on and changed my triple to all Xs. Then combination of Xs and straight rails. Then back to the way I had intended. We jumped through it probably ten time and then did the entire course probably five times. Yes, I worked her. Leave me in the grass… witch! HA!

Oh, but the next day… Thanksgiving… with my in-laws coming over to my house… I was walking around like a little old man in a black dress. It hurt just to get dressed! I made a mental note of each time I had to lift my arms over my head and have decided to make Stella go through that triple the same amount of times! Bwhaha!

Now, I know it sounds as if I am extremely hard on my baby girl. In actuality, she is probably the most spoiled hoofed animal you will ever come across. She is my princess. My stinky, sweaty, lazy princess. But she knows when I mean business and that leaving me flat on my back was not a good thing. Period. Thanks to the holiday and now the rain, though, she will have a couple of days off 🙂


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