CF damages

26 Nov

I believe that I have a corrupted mechanism within my camera. I’m not exactly sure what or why, but all three of my CF cards failed on the same day, leaving me out to dry for both business and homework.

I was advertising and networking at a horse show this past weekend. I drummed up some business and was shooting away as usual. Card error. Hmmm. Changed cards and continued with the process as usual. I finished my shots then left to work on my homework  – New Orleans Mausoleum Typology. Finished. Changed cards and took the kids to the park. Card error. Ugh. At least I got my horse show and homework done, right? Wrong.

When I got home to upload the one card that I thought was actually working properly, my computer rejected it, saying card error. Funny, because the images were viewable on my camera. So, I pulled the CF out of my computer, stuck it back in my camera and thought that I would upload straight from my camera. Nope. Camera flashed “Card Error.”

After running three CF recoveries, I was able to salvage three horse show images.



I have since replaced my cards and haven’t had any problems. However, I am planning on sending my camera off to Canon during the semester break. Yes, I have a fully functional back-up that would be more than adequate, but you know how it is… when you get used to that piece of equipment in your hands, nothing else seems to measure.

Corrupted CF brand: Sandisks Extreme III. All three of them.
Software used to recover: Handy Recovery found through CNET.
Camera in question: Canon Mark EOS-1ds
Flickr link:

PS – since I needed to replace my typology FAST, I ended up submitting a generic representation of suburbia mailboxes. Actually, it was interesting to see exactly how crooked everyone’s mailbox actually is. I came to the conclusion that, either people in my town do not know how to drive and continuously curb-check their vehicles, or that the city is slowly imploding on itself, causing the mailboxes to creep into a vast hole of nothingness. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how varied my boxes turned out to be. I will have to upload that image once my professor is done critiquing.


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