Roll Bama Home

7 Nov

The much highly anticipated game of my football season has come and gone. Sadly, not producing the results I had hoped. I spent a better part of the day doing my share of smack-talk, only to have to eat it later that evening. 

Alabama lost to LSU (Final: 24-21)
I hate LSU. It isn’t because I’m a sore loser (though I am quite competitive). It isn’t because I do not recognize the team’s talent. It isn’t because they have dubbed their stadium with the ridiculous nickname “Death Valley.” 
I hate LSU for three reasons:
1. They play dirty. Last night, for example, was it really necessary to wait until you were on the field (and the clock was running) to adjust your socks? No. You were running down the clock because you knew if Bama got the ball back, they’d make fools out of you! Suck it up and play! I don’t understand why a supposedly talented team has to rely on such dirty tactics to win a game against a worthy opponent. My guess is that the talk is a lot bigger than the…. walk….
2. Their fans are dangerously psychotic. Living this close to the tiger’s den (Baton Rouge), I am constantly flooded with LSU paraphernalia. It has gotten to the point that, if I even see a purple and yellow color scheme, I automatically think “LSU.” Revolting. Example: I went scarf shopping two weeks ago. I found this adorable purple and gold plaid scarf. I started to put it in my basket and then stopped, “This has ‘tiger’ written all over it!” I put it back, although there wasn’t a single hint of LSU promotional logos on a single stitch! The fans have ruined purple and gold. Oh, and PS: It is spelt “Go.” Thanks. 
3. My mother-in-law lives in Baton Rouge. Although I am one of the fortunate ones who has a good relationship with their spouse’s mother, visiting her is the ONLY reason why we go to Baton Rouge, therefore my only associations with the city are in-laws and purple tigers – it is the sort of things nightmares are made of! 
In the beginning, I wasn’t as much an Alabama fan as I was a fan of watching LSU squirm and lose. Now, though, I can safely say that I am pro-Bama, no matter what LSU is doing. However, the Bama v. LSU game will always be my favorite of the season. Why? Because I love watching LSU beg for mercy from the Crimson Tide. Enjoy it while it lasts, kitties, because I feel a high TIDE coming next year!  I’m placing my bets now, in fact. 
My Crimson buddy. 

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