midday movie time

16 Oct

As you will quickly learn, I do not get to the theater often. My town doesn’t even have a movie theater… anymore. The city elected to destroy our double screen complex that offered $2 matinees in the hopes of attracting the business of an offensive and over priced multiplex. The major flaw of this plan is obvious: the city didn’t secure the business of the offensively large and over priced multiplex before destroying our theater. The 20 screen picture show never came. Now local movie goers have to travel at least 30minutes to find a cinematically perfected popcorn. I normally decide against movies when I’m free of my mothering duties in exchange for a date with my husband (as in open conversation, not sitting peacefully, starring at giant boob-tube). Basically, I wait until it comes out on DVD or is making the circles on the various movie networks.

Today’s viewing pleasure: The Mistress of Spices (2005), staring the beautiful Aishwarya Rai, brought to me by Showtime. Rai plays an Indian-born immigrant living in San Francisco. She owns and operates a spice shop based on the traditions that she was taught as a girl. The spices seem to enhance the her clairvoyant powers as well. One day, she meets the handsome Dylan McDermott. The spices become jealous, causing a series of unfortunate events – all relating to her customers. She vows to give up her own lustful fantasies if the spices return. In the end, she makes peace with her traditional ways and is free to search for her own happiness (McDermott).

My take.

The movie is beautifully constructed – eye-appealing and imaginative (though I haven’t read the book, so cannot comment on how accurately they parallel). The downside is that it is predictable. With all culture clashes that meet the strange Shakespearean love story, love wins. What kept me watching: my interest in the Indian culture and Rai’s ghostly eyes. Seriously, if it weren’t for her alluring eyes, it is possible that my attention would have been lost. Her eyes are the perfect complementary color for the setting.

Should everyone see it? Definitely.
Should everyone own a copy? If you saw it in theaters or happened upon it like myself, then there is no need to get the movie. If you haven’t, then pick up a copy.
But is it one that I will stop and watch every time it is on TV? No.


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