The story of Jesse.

19 Nov

I am incredibly sad.

My story will lack detail due to this. You’ve been forewarned.

My horse, my TC, did something while turned out. The vet is thinking his leg maybe broken, but we have to wait on xrays. My handsome, senior gelding has never been the easiest of keepers. Hell, within just a few months of getting him, he tried to jump a pasture fence, caught his stomach, and needed stitches! He’s a roller coaster of a horse. Beautiful to ride. Amazingly friendly personality. But is determined to make my hair turn gray with worry.

But he is mine. And I love him. And, now, he is in pain. He won’t/can’t move – even a step, just so that I can much the stall around his feet. Every part of him shakes when I try to push him to move. He isn’t eating his grain, and is barely touching his hay. At least he is drinking – a lot, actually.

When I was 14yro, I had a bay quarter horse – Jesse. At the time, we were stationed in Grand Forks, ND. Our horses were boarded at the base stable. Nothing fancy, as I’m sure you can imagine. Being ND, it was cold – all of the time. My mother had blanketed Jesse and had requested that the plucky gelding be turned out in the pasture. That evening, Jesse did not come up. The stable hands found Jesse, tangled in both the fence and wihtin his blanket. As a result, Jesse was put down several months later. Broken leg, between his hock and hip. Three fractures. The reason it took so long for my mother to make the decision was due to a rare act of sympathy – kindness, even – she felt for the horse. She actually made several attempts to save him, even flying specialists in from Iowa and Minnesota. But my giant Jesse, a former patrol horse before we happened upon him at a Watertown, SD auction, was in such pain that it was determined it was best to put him down. His last day, I remember him leaning against the barn, where I brought his food, as he couldn’t walk neither into the barn, nor down to the feed buckets. June 1996.

I remember Jesse’s registered name… Oakdale Fire Chief. I always thought that that was such a stupid name. Jesse was too handsome to be called something so silly.

Now, here I am again, suffering from some sort of Jesse-PTSD. While there is no indication that TC’s injuries are related to hs blanket (it isn’t messed up, nor was he found with it hanging), I am terrified that I am about to repeat the story of Jesse, but with my gentle TC. Yes, TC is older, and a wacky thoroughbred who has had a full life – as well as health concern after health concern. But he’s always been… happy… Tonight, he lifted his head and perked his ears as I talked to him, trying to convince him to move a little so that I could, at the very least, clean his stall. He ate the treats I gave him, yet spat out the pain killers. He was warm and receptive to my hugs. My fuzzy gelding….

And I am just so sad.


Then, he said “Ello.” First Impressions.

16 Nov

I’ve stumbled upon Ello, the anti-facebook, as it declares itself. As I am only within my first hour or so of exploration, my interpretation is vague, at best. And, as I try to amp my profile (you know, to be the cool new kid which I am definitely not), I find myself revisiting forgotten pages, such as this blog. Perhaps ‘forgotten’ isn’t as accurate as neglected.

“About me?” Nothing comes to mind. I am a blank space, but not in the Taylor Swift sorta-crazy. How does one create a first impression without ever actually seeing another – hearing the sound of their voice – if they have muddy shoes or need deodorant? Perhaps, I forgot the “cool kids” day at school (wait, wasn’t that every day?) where everyone learned how to hold the interest of another.

What did you write in the “about me” section of your latest social media addition?

Share. Add. Invite. Follow. Connect. Read. Write. Don’t spam.

Can you be summed -up by you social media? What did you learn from mine? Tell me about me. And I shall return the favor and tell you about you.

My new Ello
My Instagram

My Twitter

My G+

I’m sure I am forgetting something….


Now, I am off to locate my latest zombie walk photos. I seriously have no idea where I uploaded those! Yes, it has gone that far.

I don’t even like potato salad: Kickstarter

25 Jul

Like many, I didn’t learn about Kickstarter until Potato Salad Gate. I was doing the late night driving from Little Rock back home when I heard a story of a man, upset with Kickstarter users for backing something as trivial as potato salad rather than his idea for a documentary about bipolar disorder. Potato salad vs mental illness? Of course, I had to look (and you should too, if you haven’t).

What I found was simply amazing: a plethora of artists and crafty-types coming together with a common goal – to ask for funding to make their dreams a reality. being a photographer and lover of all things fine arts, I took to the photo projects.

Here is a short list of my favorite Kickstarter Photography Projects:

The Highway 101 Project, by Desslok (aka: Tony Case).

– A film photographer, using slide film, traveling the roads between Seattle and LA, bringing the likes of wonder (and wander) into a photo book.


Death Valley Footprints

– Death Valley Footprints, Tony Case

One Mahogany Left Standing – the Maya Lacandon, by Carol Yarrow.

This  stunning photographic series sets out to document the changes surrounding the Maya Lacandon, of Chiapas, Mexico.

Boy with Bird

– Boy with Bird, Carol Yarrow.

Life on the Dole: Documentary Photography Photobook, by Fleur Donnelly-Jackson

The UK-based photographer hopes to produce his first documentary photography book to show the underside of what it is like to claim benefits and to live on them. With such a division class, globally, this projects has the makings of something both informative and thought-provoking. Good Luck, Fleur!

There are many, many other projects on Kickstarter, just waiting to be discovered. You can even help Jon Stewart buy CNN!

Hey, who knows, you may find me on there one day too ;).

Maybe If I Had Taken the Blue Pill

4 Jun

Over the past few months, I’ve spent my time trying to regain a little bit fiery passion. I had spent so much time caring about my former position that I had lost sight of the things that drove me. It has definitely been an uphill battle!

As with most of us, life seems to never follow the course we had hoped. It is sometimes stagnant, maybe gloomy. But taking time to discover or rediscover is essential to reestablishing the new course. While I still am a rocky path if there ever were one, I am still here – writing, photographing, riding…..

I made a last minute decision to enter a jurored exhibition. Since my current works haven’t had much direction, I pulled a few of my older pieces. Surprisingly enough, they were accepted, and now I receive the pleasure of writing about two (of five) of the individual pieces selected by the gallery.

I took a leap of faith in hopes to jump start my drive. I don’t like being so depressed and pessimistic! It is a temptation I must learn to resist.

If you are curious, check out Upstream People Gallery

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Celebrating the Chinese New Year with Chen Man’s work.

31 Jan

I was hoping to get some stable time in today, and celebrate The Year of the Horse, well, on MY horse. Alas, between the weather and a sick boy, I am going to have to wait another day.

I decided to spend the day celebrating Chen Man‘s contribution to the visual world.



Arguably, China’s leading fashion photographer, Chen has quickly become one of the world’s leading artists, with more editorials and exhibitions than I can list!

An interview worth reading.

Or this one.

I honestly cannot stop reading nor looking at her work!


This image, for example, is a marvelous example of Chen’s mastery of combining traditional and modern themes, as well as Eastern and Western cultures. The line composed by the red give way to a conceptual growth and societal change throughout traditional China. The model is dressed modernly, yet acting in respect to her country’s flag (illustrative symbolism).



While browsing her works, I am impressed at how effortlessly Chen Man is able to switch styles.






If you are not able to spend the Chinese New Year with your favorite equine, then I suggest doing so with China’s favorite visual artist and fashion photographer!


The fruits of unemployment

6 Jan

For the past 2yrs, I have photographed every day – for someone else. While I enjoyed my job, it doesn’t change that my own equipment has been collecting dust!

It’s far too cold to go outside, so I seized the opportunity to plug in my umbrellas and engage in the once forgotten “Light Dance.” Today’s subject: My lunch.



Such a mild-mannered grapefruit, waiting so patiently.



I really enjoyed the texture of the rind. I may dry that out and use it in my next encaustic project. Maybe…



One of my friends said that he had never been so turned on by grapefruit in his life! *Blushes*



Now, my question to each of you is, what is your experience with Adobe Creative Cloud? I love my CS, but am thinking I may want to try CC.

In the dawn of 2014

30 Dec

I recently parted ways with my (former) employer. It wasn’t an easy decision, and involved quite  few tears on my part. I loved my job! However, something was rotten in Denmark and I found myself at a crossroad. When my resignation letter had finally reached the masses, I was already long out of town. At that point, the owner’s opinion was really the only one that mattered. When he texted me, I was stopped in my tracks, sat on a stack of 50lb feed bags and cried. I was hoping that he would not ask me to reconsider. Because I would’ve. And I think he knew it, but respected that I was ready to move on. In that frozen, chilly barn, as I sat, watching my phone light up. I was as honest as I could be. I wished him well and encouraged him to resolve whatever it is that is holding his vision down. And, while I am probably – currently – thought of as She Who’s Name Should Not Be Spoken, I valued my time with the company and wish my former staff success.

While I do not like the cold, I love, LOVE the winter skies. They are as clear and crisp as the frozen air that stabs my lungs. It sounds as if the new year maybe bringing me to my family in Denmark. So, I’ve assembled some clear nights over Denmark for you amusement.


FC Nikon via Flickr Night in Copenhagen

From the Flickr page of FC Nikon, Night in Copenhagen.


From Sail Training International


From the Sail Training International website, Aalborg, Denmark

James Neeley via Raymond Larose

James Neeley, via Flickr.


Viktor Dobai Aalborg

Viktor Dobai, Aalborg, Denmark.


Hold dig varm, og Godt Nytår!




Turning the World into Art: Myoung Ho Lee

4 Dec

Not many things floating around on Facebook catch my eyes quite like this series by Myoung Ho Lee.

Lee’s series illustrates what it means to separate the subject from it’s environment. By placing a canvas behind each tree, Lee brings the subject forward into the viewer’s perception, while creating distance with the subject’s environment. This process gives way to the ambiguity of the surroundings to the subject.



myoung ho lee 2

To see more, visit Yossi Milo Gallery.

Fall into New Orleans

5 Nov

We went to New Orleans, and rural Louisiana, to see my husband’s family. Fall really is a great time to see the city. The summers are hot. The winters are rainy. If it is your first time in the Big Easy, I recommend fall or spring. If you’ve never been, you’re truly missing out! I could talk endlessly about this beautiful city! It is more my home than Omaha. Take some time, and book your flight! Mardi Gras is in early March, 2014. ;).












Resigning this life for another

28 Oct

As it happens so often with my world, it has been busy. Too busy to do the things I enjoy, including this blog. But, a recent resignation letter from one of my (now former) staff members has me thinking that perhaps I have spent too much time on the creative efforts of others while keeping mine second, or third, or last.

A talented photographer resigned from our humble establishment, siting lack of creative freedom. She has since found happiness in a tropical paradise and has decided that our quaint Nebraska get-up is no longer fueling her artistic juices.

Commercial portraiture is a hard leap for any fine artist. Someone who has spent years in school learning how to compose and create finds themselves suddenly working for another’s vision of cookie-cutter perfection. While I appreciate my employer’s endeavors, and thoroughly, honestly, enjoy what I do, I can see myself in my (former) staff member’s bullet points. I don’t write as much as I used it. I hardly photograph anything that isn’t a cute bundle of joy. And I spend more time making sure others adhere to protocol, rather than encouraging their inherit artistic nature.

We are photographers. Creating something unique is what we do! Looking at something from a different angle or in a unique light, then showcasing our “ah-ha’s” is the very definition of what we crave.

At first, I was angry that one of my best photographers suddenly left. Then, I was jealous because I would love to run off to a tropical island! Now, I am at a place where I understand where she is coming from, and am jealous, not because she is sipping Mai Tais while digging her toes into the sand, but because she found a way to keep herself from drowning. While I think my job is completely fantastic, I need to learn to say “no,” and turn off my phone while I am not at work – and to get back into my studio.

Sorry, I do not have photos to showoff today. Only introspection.

Happy Halloween!